Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time For Change

April 30, 2011

Hello world!

Today’s verse:

“I was filled with DELIGHT day after day REJOICING ALWAYS in His presence in His WHOLE WORLD and DELIGHTING in MANKIND.” –Proverbs 8:30-31.

I love this. I wish to spend every day of my life DELIGHTING in the Lord, REJOICING that I am allowed to be in His presence. And I DO get to REJOICE in His WHOLE WORLD—or at least Africa, and this is also a great reminder to delight in the people God has made. They are created in His image. And I want to delight in them as well.

This morning at the B&B was delightful. Not going to lie. I kind of wish I had been there this week… Sigh. But that’s ok. God taught me a lot this week in the house. So, all in all, positive.

We were playing with hair this morning. And I have ridiculously long bangs. They are way past my chin. Debs said, “Hey, Ren, do you want me to cut those for you?” I thought about if for like a second.
SO we hunted down scissors, and Debs gave me some bangs! I love them! She did a quite excellent job.

Then Morgan, Shayna, Debs, Melinda, YoYo and I were off to Muzinberg! We stopped on the way to have a photo shoot by the magical orange wall. The whole day was filled with pictures! Then we took the train exactly two stops to Muszinberg. It is a beautiful beach with a boardwalk. It was pretty empty. But it was lovely. Such a great chill day.

When we returned, I had an awesome talk with Shayna. I love you, girl! I’ll always be here for you J

Then I undertook the challenge of PACKING and trying to decide what I can donate and what I need for my last 14 days in Africa. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself!

For dinner, I didn’t really have anything. So I stole some tuna from Shelli and bread from Debs and made a tuna melt with some cheese I had and the Panini machine in the kitchen! It was awesome.

Then just some chilling while everyone came over.

You guys. It feels kind of weird to still be here. I am done with classes. I am not donating my time at Ethembeni. I am just not contributing. Which is… awkward. (Have you ever noticed that “awkward” is spelled awkwardly?)

It’s definitely time for change. I am glad to move to the hotel tomorrow night.

Tomorrow, Debs and I are having lunch with the Georges! Hooray!! That should be lovely.

I don’t want to want to go. But maybe I am just ready for the change. Is that so bad?

I have to keep reminding myself that God IS my HOME.

If you guys could pray that I remain present here, that would be great. I really want to be content where I am. But that is quite difficult when everyone around me is dying of homesickness and restlessness. Not EVERYONE. But it’s definitely a major theme.

I keep reminding myself that this extra week is an AWESOME idea!! I will be SO GRATEFUL for it!

But right now… all I can think of is my family. And friends. And home. But… I’ve got that one here with me J

Prayers appreciated.


  1. :) "home is wherever i'm with you." Nothing like singing Jesus some Edward Sharpe to make you feel better.
    Praying bebe! Also, welcome restlessness. I've found its often God-given. Maybe its his way to help you see how much you've done there, and to get you stoaked for doing new things somewhere else. I love you very very much and am counting the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!